About The Polish Sport Business Programme

The Polish Sport Business Programme (PSBP) was officially launched in 2023 with the first intake of participants being admitted for a start in September 2024.

The Poland Sport Business Programme has been developed after, two editions and 3 years of the Legia Warsaw ISC sport business programme (2021-2023). A joint venture between Legia Warsaw and International Sports Convention.

To broaden the scope and scale the Poland Sport Business Programme was formed to ensure a truly national programme for the Business of Sport, Media, Brands and entertainment. It will be a truly exceptional programme and initiative with partners across Poland being part of PSBP.

The International Sports Convention is the owner and takes complete control of the management and delivery of the PSBP.  The International Sports Convention is a global event, education and media Company formed in 2009. 

“The PSBP is designed to accelerate career opportunities, networking in the sports industry and give a real, practical, education and industry insight on this fascinating industry’.

Nigel Fletcher

“The PSBP is an opportunity to develop your passion and take a step into the sports industry.”

Arkadiusz Putkowski
Programme Leader

The Polish Sports Business Programme is designed to fit around your current work, study, family and life situation. It’s a mixture of onsite seminars and leading venues throughout

Poland and 15 online courses over 10 months and monthly webinars throughout the year.

The Schedule

  • September 2024 Seminar
  • January 2025 Seminar
  • May/June 2025 Seminar and Graduation
  • 15 online courses
  • Minimum of 10 monthly webinars
  • Individual Mini project